The 7th-round kiss that shocked…the world?


First, the world was shocked when the Cowboys did NOT select Johnny Football in the first round. All those who wish the owner of the Cowboys would fire the GM of the Cowboys probably had to choke back their beer on that one.

Then, we were treated to an emotional moment of a draftee who kissed somebody he loved when finding out he was selected.

…which was another guy.

If you follow the regular news websites, this kiss was EVERYWHERE. It’s bigger than Sterling, it’s bigger than the girls of Boko Haram, it’s bigger than the unexpected death of Clay Aiken’s political rival for a congressional seat in North Carolina. It shocked the world! A gay athlete! A gay athlete who plays FOOTBALL, goddammit. Acting all Ellen on live television! And to this I say,


He’s gay. He’s got a boyfriend. Big freaking deal.

The only way this would TRULY have been some sort of story with legs would be if we did NOT know he was gay before that kiss. Then again, do you think ESPN would have had a camera on him in the first place? Of course not, they’d all be clamoring to get into the Cowboys war room to see if Jerry Jones had been knocked out unconscious.


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