Dammit…my money was on Dancing with the Stars


Look, I just got started here, and had no intention of focusing both of my first two posts on the same player. But Sam went and did something stupid. Well, I think it was stupid. So I have to call him out.

Sam: you were a 7th-round pick, man. SEVENTH (period) ROUND (period)

NFL odds are not in your favor. You got a lot of work to do to make the team, you’ll be lucky if you get a second chance with another team, and your actions will speak MUCH louder than your words.

Words that you have decided should be part of a reality TV show. Which, of course, is the moronic action you have taken.

So…kissing a guy on TV wasn’t enough, eh? Need more than your allotted 15 minutes, eh? Gotta sign with the Queen Bee, eh?

You take all the goodwill from people, all their prayers for you, all the “atta boy”s, and you flush it down a non-environmentally friendly commode. Yeah, I’m talking about the 3.5-gallon flush here, buddy.

Look, we all expected something like this from a FIRST round pick who goes by the name of “Football”. Not from you.

Howja like my use of punctuation?


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