He just wasn’t about THAT action, boss


The Seahawks spent part of their day being honored by the POTUS this afternoon. And Obama had a few humorous quips, not the least of which that he admired Marshawn Lynch’s approach to the press.

Except the Beast wasn’t in attendance.

I’ve searched all over teh innerwebs and cannot find anyone who states specifically why Marshawn decided not to appear. Leading up to the Super Bowl he suddenly became famous for having avoided the press like the plague for basically his entire career, and not a single fan gave a rat’s ass. Then some douche reporter decided to give a rat’s ass and file a complaint.

But the White House visit wasn’t like an interview junket. All he would have been required to do was to dress like a gentleman and stand there looking pretty.

Maybe he was afraid that he’d smile.

UPDATE: According to the bagman for Marshawn’s Skittles, “he just said he didn’t want to go”. Okay Beast, no problem…but no excuses next year, right? You go, ‘k?


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