Love your sink, Vikings fans


What should come as a surprise to…well, no one, actually…the Vikings’ new stadium is becoming more expensive than originally planned. Gosh, I’m sure hoping they won’t pass those added costs on to their fans in ticket prices.

More suites, more televisions, more escalators, more bling-bling, is being planned and added as I type…supposedly all on the Wilfs’ dime. And to justify these additional costs for additional amenities, they say this:

It’s a work in progress. Just like when you renovate your house and you get your numbers in from your contractor and you have to decide: Do you want a $1,000 sink or a $500 sink?

Speaking as someone who recently had a kitchen remodel, the wife and I went with the ~500 dollar sink.

It’s wide. It’s deep. It glistens when it’s wet. It is a pleasure to behold. And my new sink shares those same characteristics, too.

I highly doubt a $1000 sink would be much better. Outside the locker room, I probably would only have bragging rights over friends who don’t really give a shit.

Love your sink, Vikings fans.



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