So, I’m hearing now that Russell Wilson isn’t that good of a quarterback…

Standard is something like a “flagship” website for U.S. football, supposedly employing some pretty good writers who supposedly know a little something about football. They are currently counting down the Top 100 Players of 2014, as voted by the league players themselves.

With just the Top 20 left to go, it’s a foregone conclusion that the players voted Russell Wilson up there, along with four other quarterbacks. Aldon Smith recently said that Wilson is the second-best QB in the league (hey, can’t ruffle teammate feathers…). creamed their pants hard on Wilson being an awesome QB just days before the Seahawks creamed the Broncos hard in the Super Bowl.

But the scribes at are arguing that Wilson is NOT a Top-5 quarterback. In fact, one of them would take AT LEAST 12 quarterbacks over Wilson. This asshat would even choose Eli over DangeRussWilson, while acknowledging that Eli had “a poor 2013 season” (note to asshat: 2013 wasn’t the first season that Eli led the league in interceptions).

To make it clear that isn’t kidding, they had another article that positions QBs in their preseason list of the best quarterbacks. Not only is Wilson not in the Top-5, he’s not even considered Pro Bowl-caliber, despite the fact that Wilson was an alternate his rookie year, and then full-fledged his second year…but couldn’t attend because he had to play in the fucking SUPER BOWL.

Some people measure success by statistics. OK, here’s a really good statistic: there are five quarterbacks in history who have thrown for over 5,000 yards in a single season. Drew Brees did it three times. Peyton Manning has the current record of 5,477, set in…um…2013. And not a single Super Bowl was won by a member of the 5K Club during the season they threw for 5K.

Do we believe how the players voted? The guys who live and breathe football in two-a-days, and leave it on the field on Sundays? Or do we believe a bunch of scribes who have never lined up?

So, I’m thinking now that isn’t that good of a website…


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