The REAL lying season is now among us, folks


The period of time leading up to the NFL Draft is commonly referred to as “the NFL’s Lying Season”. Team executives, coaches, scouts and maybe even the team’s cafeteria cook all talk about who they “love” in the draft. Sometimes it’s because they hope a mentioned player will be selected sooner, so that “their guy” falls to them. They also gush over certain current players on the roster who will “definitely play a key role” in the next season’s scheme…in other words, this “key role” guy is trade bait.

Sometimes, it works. Usually, it doesn’t.

In actuality, we are living in “the NFL’s Lying Season” right now. The best part is, this lying season NEVER works. There are many examples, such as…

Norv Turner of the Vikings sez that his group of QBs are really, really good. Matt Cassell “had an outstanding spring” and he has been “impressed” with Ponder. Yes, I typed those sentences without regurgitating my beer.

After rewriting the record books in 2013, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase believes they can be even better in 2014. If he means, “lose the Super Bowl by only two touchdowns”, well, ok…I can accept that. But rewriting the records again? Not likely.

According to James Ihedigbo, this year’s Lions has “championship DNA“. Unfortunately, that baby has always been stillborn.

After RG3-13, the ‘skins offensive coordinator Sean McVay sez that Quarterback Bob “looks like he is exactly what he was in the 2012 season.” He’s only worked with Bob for a few weeks so far, but hey…he’s still an expert on Bob from two seasons ago, right?

To be perfectly fair, and hopefully correct, all of this lying is done for the fans. Get them excited about the upcoming season, give them reason to believe, and get them to buy game tickets. You can’t blame anybody for doing that. After all, who knows…your team might be the next Greatest Show on Turf.

Although it would be fun to see one person say, “Good Lord, we’re gonna suck this year.”


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