Showing support for Goodell, or soliciting favoritism?


The Ray Rice catastrophe continues to gain momentum unabated. Ermargerd, there are female Ravens fans still wearing his jersey!

But the Commish also has his supporters.


After the shocking revelation that for five months the league office had a copy of the tape of the interior of the Rice Vator (yes, I’m trying to start a trending name for it), team owners are coming out in support of their most important employee, that one employee who makes them tons of money, that one employee who saw his salary grow uncontrollably over the last three years…Commish Rog.

Well, not all of the team owners have come out in support, but quite a few. Well, ok, actually it’s just a couple of dudes. Three team owners have submitted written statements, while three others made verbal statements of support.

The curious thing to me about the six owners who are “supporting” Goodell is that two of those owners were recently severely punished by Goodell for the simple crime of treating an uncapped year as an uncapped year.

In other words, I don’t think Jerry and Danny have forgotten about how they feel deep down inside about Goodell. This isn’t so much support for Goodell as it is to become buddies with him and get some “favors” in return.

Obviously Snyder still hasn’t figured it out: you don’t try to be buddies with your employees.


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