I feel sorry for Fantasy Footballers. Wait…no, I don’t


Many years ago a good friend of mine (also a rather serious NFL fan) asked me if I had tried this new thing called “Fantasy Football”. Hell, I hadn’t even heard of it. Thought it might have something to do with NFL cheerleaders and the Darknet. He went into detail about what it was all about, and the one single thing I thought about it when he finished explaining was:

Shit, this sounds like a lot more effort required than filling out March Madness brackets.

But I was intrigued to try. It sounded like fun. But I had no time that season, maybe the next year.

Then I came to a realization: I wouldn’t be able to simply root for teams anymore, not even my home team. I’d be too concerned about my OWN team, the one that I built. I could no longer truly root for {insert team name here} to beat the Cowboys because I drafted Dez as one of my WRs. Eww.

With all the issues lately surrounding Peterson, Rice, McDonald, Hardy and many other players, many fantasy footballers don’t even know if their drafted player is going to be active for the next game, much less if their drafted player is even going to HAVE a team to play for the rest of the year.

So you fantasy folks can just go about your business ripping your hair out and stressing about your season. I’m just gonna suck on a brew and enjoy the games.

Nobody drafted Goodell, right..?


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