Disipline a 1-year-old, Bush? I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.


I was giving a little time for the whole Adrian Peterson switch punishment on a 4-year-old before making a comment myself. Not fair to jump on a bandwagon before other facts come to light, right? Besides, I want enough material to work with…and material kept coming.

Well, Reggie Bush just made me grab the keys of that bandwagon, and I’d like nothing better than to ram that truck up Bush’s arse.

In the last two hours, the Vikings indefinitely suspended Peterson. Just earlier, Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush said on WFAN-FM that he “would possibly consider” using a switch on his daughter. He replied to one question by stating, “I most definitely discipline my daughter.”

Bush’s daughter is 1 year old.

Let’s put this in perspective: a 1-year-old is incapable of communicating with complex sentence structure, still needs two hands to drink from a sippy cup, and usually still shits its pants several times a day. Walking is still a learning skill. Barney is currently too scary to watch just yet. And it sure as hell ain’t gonna understand a fucking thing that a concussion-laden running back has to say, much less understand why it’s suffering pain.

Hey Reggie, dontcha think maybe your wife is gonna reconsider allowing you to come back home again? I mean, regardless if she knew that you “definitely discipline” your 1-year-old daughter, that mother is now under the world-wide domestic abuse spotlight, ya know? Your keys may not work on the locks tomorrow, you dumb fuck.


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