Triplette and his crew are totally trippin’ again, man


Prime-time games have mostly sucked this year, with the majority of contests being decided by double-digits or even by dozens of points. We still watch because it’s still football, and ratings are excellent regardless. Most of the attention is on sub-par TNF games, but honestly we’re not seeing close contests for almost all night games so far, which leads me to this week’s edition of…

Conspiracy Theory ( dum-dum-daaahhhh… )

The theory is: the officiating crew handling the MNF game between Redskins and Seahawks received a communique from the league office that another prime-time blowout would be unacceptable.

A lot of scribes have been talking about bullshit penalties that were called against the Seahawks, two of which negated two Percy Harvin TDs. But not many have touched on flagrant fouls against the Redskins that were NOT called. For example, spinning the ball on the field after converting a 1st down late in the half: that’s taunting and pretty fucking obvious…several Seahawks signaled they wanted a flag, but officials only picked up the ball. Or how about the intended receiver, Garcon, grabbing Sherman by the hair and forcing him to the ground while the ball was in the air…that’s one of those so-called “points of emphasis” penalties that are supposed to be called this season, but obviously not for this game. There were a couple of helmet-to-helmet hits, such as AFTER Wilson slid. In all, the Redskins were called for only three penalties for 30 yards.

In all fairness, Triplette and his crew has a long history of suckage. Even his Wiki page only details the idiocy of his reign of bad flags. But the league thinks that he’s still good enough to officiate playoff games.

But Triplette and his crew usually make only one or two major blunders in a game. The Redskins vs Seahawks game was different: most viewers lost count of 1) the number of bad calls levied against the Seahawks, and 2) the number of blatant non-calls for the Redskins.

I’m not going to come straight out and say Triplette was ordered by his bosses to call the game to keep it close. And it would probably be bad form to suggest maybe he was paid a little extra…


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