…and this, ladies and gents, is why we watch football


Yes, I thought about turning off the game when I thought the 49ers had it all sewn up. Several times, actually.

At half-time they were up by 21 points, thanks to a pick-six and what seemed would become a career day for Frank Gore. 49ers oozed confidence, while the Chargers just simply oozed.

Then the niner tires went flat. Coming out of the half, Gore couldn’t run anymore and added a chop block to nullify a TD, while Kaepernick seemed to lose more yardage on sacks than gained yards passing. If it weren’t for that 90-yard TD run by Kaepernick, the 3rd quarter would have had the new Santa Clara stadium declared a disaster area. Thank goodness there’s a fourth quarter, so that the disaster would be complete, right?

A totalĀ implosion like that does not bode well for a head coach who is live-interviewing for the Raiders. Then again, it would still be considered an improvement by Oakland.

But I don’t blame the coach. I don’t blame the players. I blame the tailgate ritual at their new stadium. That isn’t Keystone Light in those champagne flutes…



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