The NFL hates the Buccaneers


As is the yearly ritual, we have now officially entered the REAL Lying Season. The time of year leading up to the draft when all NFL teams are leaving the other teams guessing who is going to pick which player coming out of their free farm system. It’s a high-stakes game of poker, and you never want to reveal your winning hand before anybody antes up, amiright?

So imagine my surprise while perusing the league’s website the other day and seeing the following headline:

Lovie Smith: I’m comfortable making Winston face of Buccaneers

Whoa, waitaminit…Lovie said that? Out loud? In front of reporters? BEFORE the combine tests begin?

So like a fish who cannot resist trying to catch a fast-moving shiny object, I clicked the link. And enefel dot cawm actually repeated themselves by stating the Bucs were “comfortable making quarterback Jameis Winston the face of the franchise,”

The only problem with this article was that enefel dot cawm was stupid enough to include what Lovie actually said: “With the information we have right now, we haven’t taken him off of our list right now.

Notice the difference? Lovie says Winston is currently on their draft board (just like several other QB-needy teams), and actually implies that Winston could be dropped from their board. To me, it sounds like they are leaning more towards “drop” than “pick”. Meanwhile, enefel dot cawm is implying that the Buccaneers will make Winston the face of their franchise.

And when you read the visitor comments, many people point out that the website is just making shit up. So what does enefel dot cawm do? They double-down on their lack of journalistic integrity.

Why are they trying to ruin the Bucs’ hand in this poker game? Who knows. Maybe it’s because they want a pure pocket passer instead of another trendy scrambler to be the first QB picked. Maybe it’s because Lovie once pissed in their Cheerios. Maybe they simply hate the Buccaneers.

It couldn’t be because they just want more clicks…


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