The subliminal story here is that divas are combustible


It’s only the first day of offseason workouts for several teams, and the Buffalo Bills’ newly acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin certainly isn’t wasting any energy trying to stay away from the spotlight.

Here’s what he had to say on his first day working out with the Bills: “The world has yet to see me really explode like I’m about to.”

Actually, Percy, the world watched you “explode” at Super Bowl XLVIII, when you scored on that kickoff return, and those two jet-sweeps for huge gains.

The only way the world will see you really explode is if the Bills go to Super Bowl 50. And it’s highly unlikely that the Bills will make it that far in the playoffs…IF they make the playoffs. On the positive side, the Bills odds of winning SB50 is 40-1, so there’s still a chance.

Otherwise, maybe they could shoot you from a cannon during the halftime show instead.

In other words, the subliminal story here is that divas are combustible.



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