They shared a passion, a passion for…marijuana!


Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers made their closing arguments today in the murder trial of Odin Lloyd. It was, um…unusual.

First of all, we found out today that Hernandez witnessed the murder. Wow, nobody saw that one coming. And watching someone plug six bullets into Lloyd put Hernandez into a state of shock and he didn’t know what to do…so he drove the murderer to his house, brought the murderer inside his house where his baby was sleeping, destroyed his home surveillance system, didn’t call the cops, and didn’t tell them who did it when being questioned the next day. Sounds reasonable.

Another new piece of info we didn’t know before today: Hernandez’s lawyers said he and Lloyd were future brothers-in-law. Which is probably heartbreaking for Shayanna’s sister, considering that Shaneah didn’t know that she and Lloyd were engaged…she thought they were just dating.

They were friends, practically family! There’s no motive! So who killed Lloyd?

Angel Dust fiends, that’s who. While Hernandez and Lloyd were spending quality time together sharing a joint of marijuana, one of the other two guys with them suffered a sudden PCP-induced psychosis and started shooting Lloyd for no reason whatsoever. Although there were no toxicology reports, this makes sense, too.

And the investigation behind the murder was horribly botched. It was “incomplete, biased and inept”. Hernandez’s lawyer insisted that the only goal of the investigation was to prove that Hernandez killed Lloyd, not to solve the case. Obviously, the jury needs to understand that proving someone committed a crime is not the same thing as solving a crime. Again, makes perfect sense to me.

But otherwise, Hernandez and Lloyd shared a passion. Not for football, no, no. They shared a passion for marijuana.

Well done, councilor. Well done.


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