That’s GUILTY! Guilty, guilty, guilty!


The man who recently signed a 40 million dollar contract with the Patriots will now spend well over 40 years of his life rotting in a prison cell. Aaron Hernandez was found guilty and sentenced to LIFE without parole.

Perhaps some day his cell mate would be Lawrence Phillips, because they really seem to be a lot alike each other. But it’s not likely, since their home addresses are on opposite coasts.

In fact, Hernandez’s new home is literally a short jog away from the Patriots’ stadium. He’ll probably see fans dressed in Patriots jerseys parking their cars in the “cheap lots” near the prison and walking toward the stadium from his cell window on game days. And he’ll easily hear it whenever the Patriots score a touchdown.

So eight to ten times a year, Hernandez gets to be reminded by the roar of the crowd about his other life, the life he threw away when he took another’s life.

For the rest of his life.

I’m good with that.



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