Instead of executing Tsarnaev, bunk him up with Hernandez


Slightly off topic, but do you remember that little rat bastard who killed or maimed a bunch of people at the Boston Marathon awhile ago? The scumfucker who was lovingly and delicately raised by his card-carrying ISIS-mama? Like Hernandez, he was also found guilty on all counts this week.

Today the family of the eight-year-old boy who was standing next to one of Tsarnaev’s bombs has asked prosecutors to take execution off the table, and make Tsarnaev serve life without parole instead.

I wholeheartedly agree with this, and I’ll tell you why:

With the death penalty, Tsarnaev would know when he will die. He will know how he will die. He will know who will kill him. It will be a painless death. And he can keep postponing it with appeal after appeal.

With a life sentence, Tsarnaev would have no idea when he will die. He won’t know how it will happen. He won’t know who will do it. It will likely be excruciatingly painful. And he has no ability to stop it from happening.

It would be a short-lived life sentence.

He would live in constant fear until that fateful day comes. It would be a brutal end for this little fucktard. And most likely, the prison officials will find no evidence linking any other convict with his, um…unfortunate demise. And we all know that prison officials are saints and angels, so they certainly wouldn’t be considered as suspects, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

So hey, Boston…how about just having Tsarnaev bunk with Hernandez? It would be a token redemption for Aaron if you would do that for him. He could even make a game out of it for the 2015 season, simply beating Tsarnaev within an inch of his life each time Hernandez hears the roar of the stadium crowd during a touchdown. TIA, love you guys, Boston Strong!



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