You can help yourself…or not


Tom Brady apparently chose “not” during his appeal with the Commish yesterday for that whole DeflateGate thing.

The Ted Wells report made it pretty clear that Tom Terrific was asked to provide only specific data from his phone, and it would be on the Honor System. It’s not like Wells wanted to dig through Brady’s phone looking for neked pics of Giselle (because honestly, who wants to see a neked toothpick, amiright?).

Brady could have provided that phone info yesterday in his marathon meeting with the Commish, but apparently did not think that was necessary because all he was going to do was attack the Wells report and the science behind it, and deny knowing anything.

Which, when you think about it, providing your phone data to back up your denials probably would help your case, right? Unless that phone data would instead screw you over beyond reasonable doubt, in which case we can conclude that Brady has an impressive pair.



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