Cowboys are rushing scared?


DeMarco Murray finished the 2014 season as the NFL’s rushing champion. He broke one of Emmitt Smith’s team records. He broke one of Jim Brown’s NFL records. He was voted by both the Associated Press and PFWA as Offensive Player of the Year.

Smart NFL owners and GMs would franchise a player like this. Smart NFL owners and GMs would NOT give all of the rushing credit to their offensive line. But nobody has ever accused Jerry Jones of being smart (have they? Seriously, that’s not a rhetorical question…)

So, who becomes the NFL’s 2015 rushing champion behind that awesome line? Well, they still have Joseph Randle. Sure, he prefers wearing brand new underwear that smells like Old Spice, but obviously he knows how to pull his pants up and get to work.

No? Then let’s bring in Darren McFadden, and along with Lance Dunbar we’ll have a running back by committee! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hmm, not the greatest of results in the preseason…so, what the hell, let’s trade for Christine Michael and REALLY fuck around with everyone’s fantasy draft!

In other words, Jerry is probably going to need another hug from Chris Christie. That is, as long as Christie isn’t too busy shouting down little schoolgirls over climate change…


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