What about Bob?


Robert Griffin III had another lousy season last year. He injured his ankle, comes back, immediately loses three games in a row, and gets benched by Thanksgiving. AGAIN. Poor guy has won, what, 4 games in two years? His coach seems less than impressed, too.

Then the clouds parted, and the angels sang: the Redskins exercised their fifth-year option on RG3! Pick #2 ain’t making pick #75 money, but $16 meelyun dollars guaranteed for 2016 in case of injury? Sounds like a ringing endorsement that they still have faith in him, right?

Then RG3 outright failed to win the starting job for 2015. Oh, he suffered a concussion? No, he didn’t. Wait, yes he did. Um, the doctor needs to check him again in a couple of weeks to clear him…waitaminut, another couple more WEEKS?

So now we’re approaching kickoff for Week 1. Is RG3 going to be the backup QB, or is he going to be demoted to RG3rd String? With just four days to go, Coach Gruden says it’s too soon to say who will be #2.


Translation: My boss is STILL arguing with me about Bob.

Snyder obviously thinks Bob will be fine. He just needs baby steps. Pro-tip Dan: don’t let him back on your yacht.



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