Shit just got real, Kam


My first open letter to a player. I’m so excited!

Dear Kam. Can I call you Kam? Ok, Mr. Chancellor, then…

Hey man, I know, money makes the world go ’round. Where is my security? The money shows the respect. Got my family to feed. You ain’t using any of those cliches, a sign of total consciousness. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

But you’ve been fined $30K every day of camp, and now your coach is saying that you’re not there, so you’re not playing. Sunday, that is. You know, the day you’re supposed to start getting pay checks? The checks that total over a quarter-meelyun dollars? EACH?

Hey, I would look like an idiot saying that it would take me years to make as much as what you’ll be losing this Sunday, so I won’t go there (too late…).

The cap has been capped. They can’t do better on you. Bennett is there, and we all know how disgruntled he is for not taking the better offer from da Bears or the supposed mystery team. But he honored his mistake decision and he showed. So maybe, cut your losses and get your disgruntled ass back to work.

Besides…consider the opposing slot receiver having to go across the middle against a disgruntled Kam Chancellor. Yeah, um…nope.

Ok, so maybe I just wanted to post two blog entries in a row that somehow worked in Bill F. Murray.


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