The Enforcer has failed again


Season opener, Thursday Night Football, the World Champions New England Patriots, wins and losses count! Great to have real football again, ain’t it?

And during the game, Patriots fans started chanting “Where is Roger?”


After that whole Deflategate debacle, the Commish was too chickenshit to show his face on Opening Night in Foxboro. It’s understandable though…imagine the cost of security alone to be protected against a deranged Minute Man. Have you ever been shot by a smoothbore musket? It HURTS.

So how do the Patriots honor the intentional absence of The Enforcer? Fuck with the opponent’s communications, of course! Oh sure, the headsets started working fine…as an official approached Belichick…but as soon as the official walked away, Steelers headsets were fucked again.

Timing of working/not working and the officials approaching/leaving was probably just coincidence, right? Hell, headsets failing at Foxboro alone is just coincidence…after having happened numerous times in the past.

And who would ever think that the Patriots would intentionally do this on national television? That would be absurd, right? To which I must posit: what part of these past few months WASN’T absurd?

Just a hunch, but I’d wager that none of this would have happened if the Commish were in da house. Fail.



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