How the mighty have fallen


Colin Kaepernick has just been benched for *cough* Blaine Gabbert *cough*.

Andrew Luck just lost yet another game, having only one win as the starter this season. His geriatric backup has twice as many wins this year, and more embarrassingly, with zero interceptions.

Hey, has anybody seen RG3 throw a football lately? Like, in the last 11 months?

Aaron Rodgers was held to 77 yards passing this weekend against the Broncos. Hell, this game makes his horrid performance in the recent NFC Championship game look like patented brilliance.

Speaking of the Broncos, Peyton Manning this season has thrown as many TD passes as Drew Brees…well, as many as Drew Brees threw this weekend.

Mathew Stafford is one of five men in NFL history to throw more than 5,000 yards, but even he must be tired of the dumpster fire burning in Detroit right now.

Of course, people will point out how well Tom Brady is doing, and all I can say is that he gets to go home and hump a super model on top of a stack of thousand-dollar bills every night, so who the fuck cares?