Tunsil wasn’t “hacked”, he’s simply stupid


The big story of Round 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft was what happened just minutes BEFORE the draft got underway: some asshole posted a video of Laremy Tunsil polluting his lungs with a gas mask bong.

Disclosure: I did that once. OK, maybe more than once…I really don’t care if you judge me.

Imagine sitting in the back room of the draft, looking at your fully charged phone, hoping a team will call you and say they’re about to shower you with millions of dollars, and suddenly you see your own Twitter account display your face in a gas mask bong. Jeepers, delete that fucker fast! Whoops, too late…this is the Internet. Oh well, change the password, stop that from happening again.

Or not!! You’re looking at your phone again and suddenly see your Instagram account displaying texts between you and a coach, accepting money while in college…which is totally not a cool thing and can cost somebody their job, and cost the school scholarships and bowl games. Ahhh!! Delete that fast too! Dammit, too late again…

So Tunsil’s agent runs around with his head cut off, telling every GM that will answer the phone that Tunsil’s account was hacked. Naturally, every idiot who writes about football goes with that excuse: he was hacked, somebody knew the password, or guessed it.

Not me. I mean, I’m another idiot that writes about football, but I’m fairly confident Tunsil’s accounts weren’t “hacked”. Ya see, I was doing this whole Internet thing long before people called it the World Wide Web, and I’ve worked on more than one “social networking” product and have been a part of the mobile space for over seven years, so I know how these things usually happen. With alarming frequency, really.

First: how did the asshole get a hold of a video that was obviously taken with a phone?

Second: how did this asshole get a hold of texts that usually comes from the private use of a phone?

Third: how did he “guess” into Tunsil’s Twitter and Instagram accounts?

Answer: somebody has his old phone. 

And Tunsil is only one person out of millions of people who are so stupid that they DON’T CHANGE THEIR GODDAMN PASSWORDS. Or wipe out the storage. Or delete any other personal info.



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