Hey ‘skins fans: Get ready for a third season playing tag with Cousins


Somewhat lost in the daily noise about Colin Kaepernick being unable to generate any noise of his own with teams (except for supporting comments from former coaches who got dumped by the 49ers) we had a lack of noise coming from the opposite coast.

Well, up until now, anyway. After being tagged a second year in a row, the deadline to sign Kirk (or Kurt) Cousins long-term came and went without a contract. Again.

And now the noise is deafening.

First, did you know that this is the first time a quarterback has played under the exclusive tag two years in a row? Considering it has happened before with other position players, you may wonder why it has never before happened with a quarterback…the simple fact is that tagging a quarterback a second time is insanely expensive.

Please remember: we all thought Dan Snyder was insane when he gave up THREE first-round picks to move up only four spots in order to select RG3. Then we all thought he was certifiable when he drafted another quarterback in the fourth round of the same draft.

See an insane pattern yet? Don’t worry, we’ll be coming back to the insanity defense later in this post. For now…

Within minutes of the deadline passing, the Redskins’ general manager publicly bitched that Cousins never got back to him after receiving their latest contract offer. How rude!

Cousins countered that he’s just trusting in the good lord (re: He put Kirk in D.C., He got rid of RG3, He gave Kirk decent stats for a season, He got Kirk millions in a franchise tag, then many millions more in another tag…no wonder I can never catch a break, God is too busy with Kirk).

Today almost every sports website and newspaper is trying to make sense of what happened, and the potential outcomes. Most people think there is no way the Redskins will even consider tagging him a third time: they would have to shell out $10 million more than what the guy drafted 101 picks earlier will make that year. Maybe the Redskins will let him walk, or maybe they’ll make the guy without a Super Bowl ring the highest-paid quarterback in the league (we’re making an assumption how 2017 will end…it’s not much of a stretch). There are a plethora of possibilities being thrown out there, nearly all of which take into consideration that the Redskins won’t tag Cousins again.

Kirk is looking out after Number One, and getting as much of RG3’s Dan Snyder’s money as he can. I applaud him for that. Kirk also knows that few teams will be able to justify or even afford the price that the franchise tags have “set his value” to, so the contract from his next team likely won’t be totally bonkers…so long as the Redskins just let him leave.

But they won’t just let Cousins leave. The Redskins don’t want to pay him $50 million to play in 2018, but they will pretend to want to pay him by tagging him a third time, and hope that some desperate team will offer them two first-round draft picks to take Cousins off their hands.

Because that’s what the Redskins really want: they want something in return for the insane deal they made years ago, trading three 1s to move up and take RG3…in the same draft they picked up Cousins in the fourth round.

But this tactic didn’t work in 2016. It didn’t work in 2017, either. But they think it will finally work in 2018. So they’ll tag him again.

Because they’re insane.



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