I have a feeling that Lucifer ain’t holding his breath


Earlier today, The Donald was asked to explain his inconsistency between First Amendment rights of Nazis and white supremacists as compared to the First Amendment rights of NFL players.

What should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, The Donald said absolutely nothing about the “very fine people” with the tiki torches. Instead, he only spoke about the sons of bitches in the NFL. Read into that strategy what you will.

Ehhh-nyway, with the rant that he went on, The Donald had a chilling prediction for the NFL: they’re in a very bad box. The NFL has to change. Or what’s gonna happen? Their business is going to go to hell.

First, what kind of box is he talking about here? Cardboard box? Pandora’s box? Mime in a box?

Second, hasn’t he noticed the number of fans who did what he told them to do, and leave the stadium when they witness just one player committing an act of disrespect? Even when OBJ pretended to pee like Rover on an opponent’s field, not a single person left.

It seemed to work just as well as insisting that owners should fire their players, dontcha think?

Lucifer is a pretty busy guy, but it’s not because he’s planning on entertaining the NFL anytime soon.



2 thoughts on “I have a feeling that Lucifer ain’t holding his breath

  1. LyingDems

    Liberal tears are the best tears.. Extra Salty. Cry snowflake, cry. Oh yeah, you blog sucks! It’s even funnier when you consider the fact that the democRATS tried everything they could to rig the election and still failed!! From screwing Bernie over, to paying CNN to be the Clinton News Network to old rapist Bill meeting with the AG on a plane on the tarmac to having Owebama in on the hilLIARY investigation….. HA HA HA

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