Bad luck, and no Luck at all


By now you have probably heard that Andrew Luck has been placed on injured reserve. His season has ended before the team owner or his head coach ever saw him throw a football. We will now be spared the weekly announcements – on Mondays – that Luck won’t be playing that week. The only question I have is…

Do they think that we’re blind?

It’s been nearly two months since I posted that Luck’s career may be over. Yes, it was speculation, but my speculation was based on what we were seeing from Luck, and hearing from the Colt’s organization.

And what we were hearing back then, and continued to hear until today, didn’t quite match the definition of “cautiously optimistic”. It more closely matched, “Holy shit, we’re screwed.”

And waiting until just AFTER the trade deadline passed to place Luck on IR? Even the Browns front office didn’t screw up this bad.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is staring at his silent phone. He’s “cautiously optimistic”…